Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scotland, Day 16

My flight back home is December 16th, but I'm pretty sure I need to leave the Margaret Macdonald House on the 12th, so I need to change my flight. But anyway, while I was thinking about this, I remembered a couple I met on my flight from Heathrow to Glasgow... I'll probably never see them again, but I wanted to thank them for being so nice to me on the way to Glasgow... I was crying just an hour before I got onto the flight, and after talking to them, I calmed down immediately. They were headed to Scotland to visit their daughter and her husband... they had been to the area a few times before, and knew a lot about Scotland already, so they took the time to talk to me about what life would be like here. They made me laugh and made me smile, and I'll never forget that.

So thanks Linda and Steve!

In other news, tomorrow is a holiday, so no class! ^o^ I'm bad.. I've been sleeping in til 1pm this whole weekend... But I'll have to get up nice and early again on Tuesday. v_v


  1. Sometimes you meet the nicest people in the world on an airplane. :)
    Eh? Tomorrow's a holiday?! I wonder if that also applies to London...If it does...O.O I just wasted a day doing all my homework at the last minute!!! Noooooooo! lol :P

    P.S: Ep 25. Only one Roy/Riza scene. DAMNIT. (But so very well done~ <3)

  2. Hrmm... yeah I don't even know what holiday.. it just says 'HOLIDAY' on my timetable. Big help that is. XD