Monday, December 14, 2009


Ashley and I took a trip to London! It was a lot of fun, but really tiring. The first day we got there, we saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and then spent the rest of our day trying to get to our hotel. We wandered all over until we went to a travel desk who gave us directions. So we hopped on the subway, then a bus, and then we walked and finally made it to our hotel!

The hotel itself was really weird... the light switches on one wall would control the lights all the way on the other side of the room! And then some switches turned on one light, while another turned on three random lights.... so the first thing we did when we got there was flip on every single switch we could find to try and figure out what the hell was going on. It was so confusing. Even the bathroom light wouldn't turn on without two different switches being flipped on. Weeeird. Oh and did I mention that the bathroom door didn't have a door frame for the lock to go in? What's the point of putting a lock on the door if it doesn't lock anything? Hahah!

So weird hotel aside, we spend the next full day in London on a hop-on/hop-off tour bus. We stopped at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye.... umm... Tower Bridge and the London Bridge.. St. Paul's Cathedral and a few other places. Ashley wanted to see Shakespeare's Globe, but the tour buses passed by them in about 2 seconds, while the tour guide goes "Oh yeah, that thing between the two buildings is Shakespeare's Globe. NEXT!" (that was me being sarcastic, by the way) and we passed right by it without catching even a glimpse of it. Urgh.

Then we took a boat back to where we started, which was pretty fun. It was dark by then, so everything on the river was all lit up and it was really pretty.. Ashley begged me to go shopping, so we stopped at Oxford Street. Ha, like we could afford anything there. It was fun to look at everything though.

We got back to Glasgow yesterday, and not even a few hours after we returned, a friend of mine called me and wanted to meet up with me. I was so excited to go meet her! We met up with her at a cafe and talked for at least 2 hours. She's really cool and I'm glad I got to meet her!

Ashley gets to go home tomorrow morning.... once she's gone I'll spend the day packing, most likely. And I go home on Wednesday morning! YAAAAY! No place like home. I got some Christmas presents for people too. :3

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scotland, Day 90

My friend got here yesterday! I was really happy to see her, but neither of us got sleep the night before, so we spent most of the day napping. XD She couldn't sleep because of the plane ride, and I couldn't sleep because of my damn allergies.

Guess where I went today? Edinburgh! Yay! My friend and I got to see the castle and walk around in it... it was so cold out, but it was really pretty there, and I'm glad we went!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Scotland, Day 84

Today was a really weird day... really weird.

First, I decide I want to take a walk somewhere... somewhere I had never been before. I always go to Sauchiehall street, because there's plenty of shops and interesting things to look at, but I wanted to find some other part of the city that was nice. So to do this, I leave my flat and walk in the opposite direction that I normally walk in.

About 10 minutes later, I find myself on Sauchiehall street again.


So yeah, my attempt to explore the city has failed. But I'll try again this weekend. And I'll bring my camera this time. Ya know, in case I find another guy who swallows fire. I saw that today too.

So after that, I figured I might as well do some window shopping, or go into stores that I had never been in. My first stop was the Chocolate Bar, which has the most tempting name I've ever heard. There were sooo many boxes of chocolate, and I'd love to buy some for my family and take it home, but I know I'll have very little room in my luggage to do so. I'll think about it.

I also hopped into a few other stores for fun... found a few things I wanted to buy, but wasn't in the mood to wait in the long lines just to buy them. Maybe I'll feel more energetic about it tomorrow. I did find some sweaters and leggings that I liked...

After all that, my shoes broke. You know, those little ballet flat looking things? Not the best kind of footwear to be wearing when I'm going to do a lot of walking... but they've held up for the past 3 years, so I just slipped them on before I went out... I wasn't even expecting to do all this exploring today anyway. So yeah, both shoes broke in at least 3 places as I was walking... so I had giant holes on both sides of my feet... and it was pretty uncomfortable, so I stopped at a shoe store and found some REALLY comfortable boots! I'm wearing em now! I like them a lot. But holy crap, why are UK sizes so... small sounding? I'm a size 6 in the US, which is a 3 here. Took me forever to actually FIND a size 3 pair of boots...

In just 5 days, my friend Ashley will be here! She'll be staying until the 15th, and I leave for home on the 16th. I'm really excited!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scotland, Day 71

Yo! Today was a good day, I'm happy to report. Haha! I guess even though my umbrella broke, good things can come out of that. I went out with a friend to buy a new one (and I'm happy with my new walking stick of an umbrella... it's not the tiny little thing that I brought with me, but it will do. As long as it fits in the suitcase!)

After we did that, Joan got a call from one of her friends and they were meeting at a place called Yates, so they invited me to come along. It was a lot of fun and I met a bunch of new people! And it was my first time in a LONG time that I ate a burger, so that was cool. Hahah~ they also told me how to get to Edinburgh... (need to go to Queens Station and take one of the buses... so I think I'll make a trip there sometime too.)

In other exciting news, one of my dearies from back home may be coming to visit me in December, which I am TOTALLY EXCITED FOR OMG!!!1111JKLASDFA'$(@#

Friday, November 6, 2009

Scotland, Day 56

^Someone tell me why I decided to go by days and not weeks while titling my blog posts???

I wanted to do some traveling this week, but it was not meant to be. :( Oh well... I might take a walk somewhere tomorrow, just for kicks. I also need to buy some more ibuprofen... my wisdom tooth is coming in and it huuuurts. Need to visit the dentist when I go home... I wonder if I'll need it removed in the future.

I also really really want pizza... o_o

Anyway, I just made my schedule for next semester! Can't wait to go back home and back to Pratt! Here it is... something like this:

Intro to Acting 9:30am - 12:20pm
Pre-Production 2pm - 4:50pm
Code for Digital Media 5pm - 7:50pm

Astronomy 5pm - 7:50pm

Narrative Strategies 9:30am - 12:20pm
3D Character Design 2pm - 4:50pm

So yay! Wednesdays and Fridays are free days!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scotland, Day 45

Hi!!! I got bored sitting here, so I took some silly pictures. Welcome to Vikki's habitat! Enjoy your stay.

Leave it to me to find a tissue box with adorable sheep on it.

Yep. So that's about it for now. Classes are blah, as usual... really not doing anything interesting around here. :\ I need to travel or something. My mom is going on a job interview soon, and if she gets this job they're going to send her to London for training! I hope she gets the job! And goes to London so I can actually go see her!!! ^o^ (LOL @ my html fail over here...)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scotland, Day 32


This morning was horrible! I was planning on waking up around 9:30 for my 10am class... but the fire alarm had other plans for me. It woke us all up at 8! Grrr! So we all had to leave the building and go stand outside in the cold while the obligatory three fire engines came and realized that it was just another person who either burnt their breakfast or took a shower that was too hot. v_v The funny thing though, was that Lindsey's window was WIDE open.. you could see it from where we all stood outside. So then one of my flatmates goes, "she jumped out of the window, of course!" I just thought it was hysterical, especially considering a previous conversation we've had about jumping out of windows.

That story started when we got our curtains replaced with blinds, since the curtains had mold on them. Once the new blinds were installed, Amy realized we couldn't fully open the windows anymore. And the first thing she thinks of in that situation is, "what if there's a fire? How will we jump out of the window?" Hahahah!

So yeah... I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep after that alarm, so I made some breakfast and just waited until it was time to go to class... it was nice to finally be able to eat something before class, but in the end it was a horrible idea to stay awake... class today was incredibly boring and I had to fight to stay awake! We need to write reviews at the end of the semester, so this was basically a lecture on how to write reviews. That's all fine and good... but there were FOUR speakers! The only one who said anything useful was the first speaker. The rest after that, well, they were just wasting my precious sleeping time. I got back to my room around 11:40ish... and I slept FOREVER! As in, I woke up at 6pm. Yep... there goes my day.