Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scotland, Day 16

My flight back home is December 16th, but I'm pretty sure I need to leave the Margaret Macdonald House on the 12th, so I need to change my flight. But anyway, while I was thinking about this, I remembered a couple I met on my flight from Heathrow to Glasgow... I'll probably never see them again, but I wanted to thank them for being so nice to me on the way to Glasgow... I was crying just an hour before I got onto the flight, and after talking to them, I calmed down immediately. They were headed to Scotland to visit their daughter and her husband... they had been to the area a few times before, and knew a lot about Scotland already, so they took the time to talk to me about what life would be like here. They made me laugh and made me smile, and I'll never forget that.

So thanks Linda and Steve!

In other news, tomorrow is a holiday, so no class! ^o^ I'm bad.. I've been sleeping in til 1pm this whole weekend... But I'll have to get up nice and early again on Tuesday. v_v

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scotland, Day 13

Okay, since I made Chris all depressed with my last post (and probably everyone else too), I'm going to update again on a happier note! I realize that my mood swings are incredibly crazy.... I'm acting like a bipolar person, and I'm not bipolar at all. Seriously, I'm getting better... I take forever to adjust to things, but I think I'm finally working on that bit.

I went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery today... it's a nice museum! Not as good as the Met, I must admit, but still worth going to see. The best part is the architecture. I feel like I'm entering a castle or something...... the architecture over here just kills me.. it's so cool! So yeah, we spent most of the day drawing at the museum, and I've come to realize that I SUCK at oil pastels. Yep. It did remind me of Brian's drawing class freshman year at Pratt, where we had to draw ourselves + exhibit while wearing a funny hat or costume... or the life-sized mammoth bones... DX That took forever! But it turned out to be really really fun, and I miss doing things like that.

Okay, picture time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scotland, Day 12

God I hate it here.

This isn't what I wanted, nor expected from studying abroad. I feel like I'm going to be wasting a whole semester's worth of learning by being here. I know it's only the first week and things will probably pick up once we get real assignments, but right now my days are being filled with short presentations and nothing else. I go to class at 10am... and we're done by 10:40am. Everyone just sits in the classroom and does their own thing, but since I have nothing else to do, I go back to my room until my next class at 2pm. Which will probably be just as short. I'm not doing ANYTHING useful. The only assignments we've got so far are presentations on two artists and a presentation on what influences us. We basically put together a slideshow. So boring! I want to go back to Pratt right now and learn things that are USEFUL to me and things that I WANT to be learning. I hate this! I hate this!!!!!

I also got a pay-as-you-go phone yesterday... I get free texts (yes, even internationally) so PLEASE. Text me. My number is 07503039973. According to my mom you'll need to type this in (for internationals): 011 44 750 303 9973.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scotland, Day 6


I sent an email earlier asking about my classes, since I didn't have any sort of time/location or idea of what my classes were. I just got a response saying that I need to go to the Foulis building on Monday at 10am to make my timetable. Finally something makes sense around here!!!!!

And since I'm updating my blog again, I'll post some more pictures that I couldn't post yesterday. Hehe. Got pictures of the opera singer, the street performer and some of Central Station too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scotland, Day 5

I have more pictures to post! When I spend more time outdoors and exploring the city, I feel a lot better, so that's what I did all day yesterday. It was really relaxing and fun! I'm still trying my best to get to know my flatmates... we're going down to the Assembly Hall later to learn Ceilidh, which is Scottish dancing. Hehe I wonder what that will be like... Still no info on classes, but no one else has information on that either, so I guess I'm not the only one. I emailed the school about it, but haven't gotten a response yet. God, I hope I get a response soon! It gets me nervous, not knowing where to go...

Okay, onto the pictures. This is mainly from Sauchiehall (sp?) Street and around that area... it's got tons of shops, lots of cool architecture, and LOTS of street performances. In a day I saw two bagpipe players, an opera singer, one guitarist, a small band and a street performer doing magic tricks. I also visited Central Station. I'll post more pictures later... for some reason I can't upload more than 4 images at a time...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Scotland, Day 3

...At least I think it's day 3....

Being in Scotland is very stressful... I will admit that I've gotten upset a few times because I want to go home, and I want to go back to Pratt, where life MAKES SENSE! I mean, seriously. Classes start next week and I don't know where to go, when to go... Pratt's campus is enclosed, so it's so simple to get around. GSA is all over the place! And the hill it's on is HUGE! I'm dead tired just from going to and from the place!!! I really really want to go home!

But anyway, I have some pictures to share!

Not much right now, but I can't upload many pictures at once (connection is too slow). So for now, I think I'll go make dinner, shower and then SLEEP!

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Post

Finally made a blog! Now I just need to figure out how to work all this and I'll have this up and running!

I leave for Scotland tomorrow, so this blog will cover as many details as I can on my 3 month trip, as well as life as an exchange student.