Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scotland, Day 13

Okay, since I made Chris all depressed with my last post (and probably everyone else too), I'm going to update again on a happier note! I realize that my mood swings are incredibly crazy.... I'm acting like a bipolar person, and I'm not bipolar at all. Seriously, I'm getting better... I take forever to adjust to things, but I think I'm finally working on that bit.

I went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery today... it's a nice museum! Not as good as the Met, I must admit, but still worth going to see. The best part is the architecture. I feel like I'm entering a castle or something...... the architecture over here just kills me.. it's so cool! So yeah, we spent most of the day drawing at the museum, and I've come to realize that I SUCK at oil pastels. Yep. It did remind me of Brian's drawing class freshman year at Pratt, where we had to draw ourselves + exhibit while wearing a funny hat or costume... or the life-sized mammoth bones... DX That took forever! But it turned out to be really really fun, and I miss doing things like that.

Okay, picture time!


  1. *long, low whistle* Now THAT is some NICE architecture! :) I'm glad you're slowly adjusting!!
    -_- I got so much homework this weekend it's sad. 1st school week and I've got one Arabic paragraph, twoo presentations, over 3 dozen questions and a letter all due next week! @_@ My weekend...where has my weekend gone?

  2. Wooo... that's lots of work. I've gotten almost no work. It's weird. I've got two presentations and I have a month to read a book, and that's it. Not much artwork being done, considering it's an art school... >.>

  3. Don't complain, mon cher. Rejoice in your freedom. *sighs* I won't be able to spend all Sunday sleeping at this rate!! You'll probably get more work stacke don you later on ;)

  4. looks really cool, glad things are looking up :D