Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scotland, Day 12

God I hate it here.

This isn't what I wanted, nor expected from studying abroad. I feel like I'm going to be wasting a whole semester's worth of learning by being here. I know it's only the first week and things will probably pick up once we get real assignments, but right now my days are being filled with short presentations and nothing else. I go to class at 10am... and we're done by 10:40am. Everyone just sits in the classroom and does their own thing, but since I have nothing else to do, I go back to my room until my next class at 2pm. Which will probably be just as short. I'm not doing ANYTHING useful. The only assignments we've got so far are presentations on two artists and a presentation on what influences us. We basically put together a slideshow. So boring! I want to go back to Pratt right now and learn things that are USEFUL to me and things that I WANT to be learning. I hate this! I hate this!!!!!

I also got a pay-as-you-go phone yesterday... I get free texts (yes, even internationally) so PLEASE. Text me. My number is 07503039973. According to my mom you'll need to type this in (for internationals): 011 44 750 303 9973.


  1. Whoa, whoa, hand-made-city!! Don't just give out your number on the net girl!!!! (If I have to remind you this is Mynameisfoxglove/KariGrayson yet again, I shall facepalm) I get how you're feeling though. -_- My new school isn't at all what I expected; sure, it's fun with all the frequent breaks and martial arts lessons but...I mean, I know most of the stuff in physics and english AND chemistry already and the only time I actually learn stuff is in maths and history...otherwise, it's kinda boring. -_- -_-
    You'll learn to deal with it soon, I hope... I hear there are some awesome theme parks in Glasgow, maybe you should go there with your flatmates one day?

  2. Hah I don't care who has this number, actually... any call/text is welcome at the moment. Hell, you can text me if you really want to! Lol!

    Once again I'm being moody though, so I'm sorry.... I get depressed during the day, and then sometimes at night if I spend some time with my flatmates I start to feel better. I haven't heard of any of the theme parks in Glasgow... don't know how we'd get there either. We're all on a strict budget. >.<

  3. Ack, forgive me. :S My phone chose the BEST time in the world to run out of credit. -_- Geez, and I just top-upped the other month too...Gomen ^^;;

  4. Ah don't worry about it! I'll save your number though, so we can talk again soon! <3

  5. Haha, sure, I'd like that ^_^ We can squeal/rant about eppie 25 when it comes out!! :D

  6. reading this blog is marginally depressing