Monday, September 14, 2009

Scotland, Day 3

...At least I think it's day 3....

Being in Scotland is very stressful... I will admit that I've gotten upset a few times because I want to go home, and I want to go back to Pratt, where life MAKES SENSE! I mean, seriously. Classes start next week and I don't know where to go, when to go... Pratt's campus is enclosed, so it's so simple to get around. GSA is all over the place! And the hill it's on is HUGE! I'm dead tired just from going to and from the place!!! I really really want to go home!

But anyway, I have some pictures to share!

Not much right now, but I can't upload many pictures at once (connection is too slow). So for now, I think I'll go make dinner, shower and then SLEEP!


  1. wait until classes start and you meet people, any place is depressing when you don't know anyone

  2. *sighs in relief* I was so worried when we didn't hear from you!! (This is foxglove BTW)
    Aw, sorry to hear you're feeling homesick, but you'll get used to it after a while, promise ^_^
    Wishing you happiness, better internet connection and fun!!!

  3. Hey Vik, glad you are begining to feel better and enjoying yourself... after that last post. Love, Dad