Friday, December 4, 2009

Scotland, Day 84

Today was a really weird day... really weird.

First, I decide I want to take a walk somewhere... somewhere I had never been before. I always go to Sauchiehall street, because there's plenty of shops and interesting things to look at, but I wanted to find some other part of the city that was nice. So to do this, I leave my flat and walk in the opposite direction that I normally walk in.

About 10 minutes later, I find myself on Sauchiehall street again.


So yeah, my attempt to explore the city has failed. But I'll try again this weekend. And I'll bring my camera this time. Ya know, in case I find another guy who swallows fire. I saw that today too.

So after that, I figured I might as well do some window shopping, or go into stores that I had never been in. My first stop was the Chocolate Bar, which has the most tempting name I've ever heard. There were sooo many boxes of chocolate, and I'd love to buy some for my family and take it home, but I know I'll have very little room in my luggage to do so. I'll think about it.

I also hopped into a few other stores for fun... found a few things I wanted to buy, but wasn't in the mood to wait in the long lines just to buy them. Maybe I'll feel more energetic about it tomorrow. I did find some sweaters and leggings that I liked...

After all that, my shoes broke. You know, those little ballet flat looking things? Not the best kind of footwear to be wearing when I'm going to do a lot of walking... but they've held up for the past 3 years, so I just slipped them on before I went out... I wasn't even expecting to do all this exploring today anyway. So yeah, both shoes broke in at least 3 places as I was walking... so I had giant holes on both sides of my feet... and it was pretty uncomfortable, so I stopped at a shoe store and found some REALLY comfortable boots! I'm wearing em now! I like them a lot. But holy crap, why are UK sizes so... small sounding? I'm a size 6 in the US, which is a 3 here. Took me forever to actually FIND a size 3 pair of boots...

In just 5 days, my friend Ashley will be here! She'll be staying until the 15th, and I leave for home on the 16th. I'm really excited!


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure! Please take lots of pictures. And remember, you will be leaving there very soon, so soak up all the culture you can! Love, Dad

  2. there's a place called The Chocolate Bar in's a gay bar...

  3. Shut up, Chris. Lol!

    I may or may not go to London soon too! Hopefully I can make it, even though it's pretty expensive to get there.

  4. Oi, oi, it's your US sizes that are so...big sounding! XD
    Too bad about your shoes though. I've had to recently buy new shoes since my old one have gotten too worn down after...uhm...5 years, I think. :( I'll miss them. But my new ones are awesome! They're silver with a really nice image of flowers embroidered in soft bronze <3 I love 'em.

    Hope you get to explore a lot more~! ^-^