Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scotland, Day 32


This morning was horrible! I was planning on waking up around 9:30 for my 10am class... but the fire alarm had other plans for me. It woke us all up at 8! Grrr! So we all had to leave the building and go stand outside in the cold while the obligatory three fire engines came and realized that it was just another person who either burnt their breakfast or took a shower that was too hot. v_v The funny thing though, was that Lindsey's window was WIDE open.. you could see it from where we all stood outside. So then one of my flatmates goes, "she jumped out of the window, of course!" I just thought it was hysterical, especially considering a previous conversation we've had about jumping out of windows.

That story started when we got our curtains replaced with blinds, since the curtains had mold on them. Once the new blinds were installed, Amy realized we couldn't fully open the windows anymore. And the first thing she thinks of in that situation is, "what if there's a fire? How will we jump out of the window?" Hahahah!

So yeah... I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep after that alarm, so I made some breakfast and just waited until it was time to go to class... it was nice to finally be able to eat something before class, but in the end it was a horrible idea to stay awake... class today was incredibly boring and I had to fight to stay awake! We need to write reviews at the end of the semester, so this was basically a lecture on how to write reviews. That's all fine and good... but there were FOUR speakers! The only one who said anything useful was the first speaker. The rest after that, well, they were just wasting my precious sleeping time. I got back to my room around 11:40ish... and I slept FOREVER! As in, I woke up at 6pm. Yep... there goes my day.


  1. Lol, I HATE fire alarms!! My first day of uhh, secondary I think, I was rudely woken by a loud, shrill alarm, along witht he rest of the flat. XP Never again did I let Mom try and cook breakfast.
    But I'm glad it was nothing serious. Funny about the window thing XD
    I can't sleep at all these days -_- I just realised that when I sleep everyday, I onyl sleep for 4 hours!!! _FOUR_!!! Damn you, school!!! :@
    But, half terms coming up at the end of the month (for only a week, damn misers...) so, that's a relief.

  2. Even though you say your morning was horrible, you seem to have put a humorous spin on the alarm thing. That's the way to deal with things you don't have any control over. Besides, sleep is over-rated and a waste of time. Keep the blog notes coming, I enjoy reading them! Love, Dad

  3. :O Sleep is NOT overrated dad!! Hahaha I love sleep! But yeah, I know what you mean.. it sucked, but I found something to laugh at!