Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scotland, Day 20

Had my first figure drawing class today. It was awesome! Reminds me of freshman year at Pratt, doing 6 hours of drawing class with Brian. That was so much fun! Unfortunately, my good day was killed by cramps... but the pain wasn't so bad this time around.

Here's some of the work I did today!


  1. :) Glad you're having fun!! You're drawing's are looking good, as always ^_^

    (P.S: You too? My red-light just ended today but the cramps were horrible :/ I swear the cold weather makes them worse)

  2. first one is my fave.
    strangely our moon cycles are the same :(

    <3 take care lady. also i asked chris to email you his class notes. this should keep you on top of things here so there's no need to worry.